Switching Form

Redesigning a form flow and design to shorten the process and improve overall user experience.

The business goals of the utility switching form are to provide a core solution for attracting new clients faster, meet and exceed market expectations, provide competitive advantage. The form works independently or as part of a client portal. The flow is configurable to meet different requirements and the design style can be changed fast for demo purposes.

The end user goals of the form are to enable them to switch to the new supplier as easy as possible by quickly providing options to choose from – ranging from one or more suppliers and one or more utilities. Make the process more user friendly.

Process Outline

  • Review existing research documents and designs and re-evaluate whether they are up to date.
  • Go through existing forms to gain knowledge on best practices and user expectations.
  • Define differences between user groups.
  • Propose solutions for the best user experience.
  • Review and finalise findings with client’s team.
  • Provide new interface design with component-based design system.


London, UK
Redesign, Product Design, UX Research, UI Design, Strategy, Prototyping, Information Architecture

This is a proprietary project, limited details are available.