Yacht Charter
Rentals Website

Improving the design, user experience and performance of a website with 16,000+ charter yachts to book online.

The goal of the project was to evaluate an existing website and continuously work with the product team to solve each problem found. This included working on distinct directions of the website to improve user experience, overall design and front-end performance.

Process Outline

  • Evaluate existing front-end performance.
  • Evaluate existing design system.
  • Evaluate existing user experience problems.
  • Speed up loading time by 2+ seconds on front-page and important pages.
  • Improve design and UX of the website without complete redesign.
  • Continuously add new features – propose design and implement the front-end code.


Florida, USA
2016 — 2017
Redesign, UX Research, Front-end Development, UI and UX Design, Speed and SEO Optimisation

This is a proprietary project, limited details are available.